Monday, May 12, 2008

Roots, rock, reggae, funk, dancehall, dub, and more

... this is the unique blend of music that is JAH Boogie's NATTY NATION. 2008 marks their 13th anniversary of keeping the positive messages of their unique indigenous Wisconsin reggae beats throbbing through the heartland!
The Kickapoo Country Fair offers you this once in a life-time opportunity (well, once this summer at least): NATTY NATION hits the Valley Main Stage Saturday 7/26 @ 10:00 pm - "until the cows come home"

Every JAH Boogie's NATTY NATION performance is a different experience. Their energy is infections, their jams complex and astounding, yet their message is simple—spread the positive vibration. It's hard not to dance at a NATTY live performance.

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