Sunday, February 15, 2009

Renew America TOGETHER!

President Barack Obama: Lace’m Up
Sunday, February 15, 2009

In a message to be aired during tonight's NBA All-Star Game, President Barack Obama calls on Americans to take action and get involved in their communities.
Watch the video message here and read an excerpt below:

In this time of so much need in our communities and across our country, we are blessed with endless ways to restore hope and opportunity in places that yearn for both. Prepare a care package for a soldier. Read to a child. Or fix up a local basketball court so the next generation can play and grow. I encourage everyone to join the NBA in the spirit of service to others. Just log on to to find or create a project near you, then gather some friends and lace ‘em up.

You can take action by being part of the Kickapoo Country Fair and earning funds for great community organizations. We pay $7.00 per hour to the community organization of your choice, when you volunteer to staff the Kickapoo Country Fair.
In 2008 we helped raise funds for over 20 local nonprofit and community groups, including Valley Stewardship Network:

"In recent years, Organic Valley has been an amazing supporting entity and primary funding source for our community-based, non-profit organization. In particular, funds raised and allocated to the Valley Stewardship Network from the 2008 Kickapoo Country Fair has provided VSN with general operating support that is so hard to come by in a time when membership donations and outside funding support has decreased due to increased funding competition and fewer funding sources. The Valley Stewardship Network is highly dependent upon community support and donations like those received from Organic Valley. The mission of the Valley Stewardship Network and in particular, our Food & Farm Initiative, is closely alligned with that of Organic Valley. In these tough economic times, it is important to grow collaborative relationships and to support those groups that address economic, social and environmental imperatives. VSN thanks you for your continued support!" --- Jessica Luhning, Projects Coordinator

Get involved today!!!

If you have questions, we can be reached via:
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phone - 608.625.3456

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