Thursday, May 28, 2009

Music, music and more music!!!!

Love music?

If so...
The Kickapoo Country Fair is the place for you!
July 25-26, 2009 ~ LaFarge, Wisconsin

We have something for everyone:

Our headliner is the amazing singer / songwriter:

Some of the other Saturday acts include:

The Bryan Cherry Band ~ The junction where Soul, Pop, and Rock N' Roll meet

The Eric Nofsinger Band ~ A 5 piece band from southwestern Wisconsin who play a mix of new country, classic country hits, some rock tunes and a few originals.

The Squeezettes ~ Milwaukee's only all female accordion group

AND don't miss the "Layin' Down the Flow" workshop:

Jump into the rural rap scene! First, a larger group will learn some tools for writing rhymes and talk about how to keep that creativity flowin'. Then we'll group together and work with other MC's to hook together some tracks! After the groups lay some fly verses on paper, we'll throw down for each other on stage! And if freestyle is your thing, there should be time for you to crash the stage after the group performances and rock the mic!

Sunday will bring even more musical entertainment, including:

The Tercels ~ Gospel Hour

Patchouli ~ A beautiful mix of lyrics, acoustic guitar, with a dash of jazz, and folk. Once coined "Punk Rock Meets Poetry"

Sinister Dane and the Disco Cosmonauts ~ Populist Folk

The Beef Slough Boys~ In their own words: "Sometimes it sounds like the primordial soup of American music, like if Dock Boggs and Charley Patton had formed a bluegrass band..."

5 WATT ~ Their unique sound shimmers with hints of 90's alternative rock , with a dose of 80’s pop sensibilities

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